Friday, April 24, 2009

Marvelous Magenta - Today's Favorite Color

What color is more gorgeous than magenta? Today, I can't think of a single one.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Screenprinting Class Updates

We are well into Project 3, a four color print using the photo-emulsion process as a "master image." There are some very exciting images evolving.

Jonathon Gombrich printing...

Marietta Mam and Traci Durfee consulting...

Below, view some great prints from Project 2, one color self-portraits created from photo-emulsion stencils collaged from found images, text, photographs, and hand drawn elements. I'm impressed!

Traci Durfee's Self-Portrait

Deven Wallace's Self-Portrait

Alicia Castronovo's Self Portrait

A four color screenprint by Andrew Fox, who is pursuing his own course in the Advanced Class. (The colors of this print are much more vivid than shown here.)

The Mansion House and The Deming Building in Oswego, Kansas

The Mansion House, built by one of the town's richest families in the 1800's, had a roller rink on the top floor. Over time, The Mansion House changed hands frequently, having incarnations as a lodging house, restaurant, and Bed & Breakfast. Now a private residence, it is being renovated to its original spendor.

The Deming Professional Building, from the same era as The Mansion House, has been empty for a number of years. Although it needs a lot of work, the interior has beautiful hardwood floors, ornate ceiling trim and big windows set in gorgeous frames. One wall is entirely covered with built-in wood cubby holes, originally serving as mail and file slots for busy offices. For sale last year, The Deming Building was purchased for $1,000. The new owner then sold it on Ebay for $8,000.
We are waiting to see what happens next.

Back From a Great Trip to the Midwest

Last week, winter became spring in Kansas, and I was there! Cold temperatures and winds early in the week gave way to sun and warmth. Below, view some scenes of the Kansas countryside...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mira Schendel's Works on Paper

Described by the NY Times' art critic Roberta Smith as an "introverted purist," Mira Schendel created beautifully quiet drawings using various transfer techniques. Her work is included in a dual retrospective (along with Leon Ferrari) at MOMA. See examples at and at other sites by googling her name.

Studio Makeover Begins

What a mess! We are boxing and storing everything so the work can begin. Two walls will be removed; cabinets, countertop and sinks replaced; floor resurfaced; and walls painted a fresh, new color. Anyone want to come help move the 600 pound etching press?

Spring is Here

Sophie is enjoying a bit of fresh air and warmth in the early morning sun

Our first native iris of the season

Blooming roses galore!