Monday, April 20, 2009

Screenprinting Class Updates

We are well into Project 3, a four color print using the photo-emulsion process as a "master image." There are some very exciting images evolving.

Jonathon Gombrich printing...

Marietta Mam and Traci Durfee consulting...

Below, view some great prints from Project 2, one color self-portraits created from photo-emulsion stencils collaged from found images, text, photographs, and hand drawn elements. I'm impressed!

Traci Durfee's Self-Portrait

Deven Wallace's Self-Portrait

Alicia Castronovo's Self Portrait

A four color screenprint by Andrew Fox, who is pursuing his own course in the Advanced Class. (The colors of this print are much more vivid than shown here.)

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  1. Beautiful! I like Traci Durfee's Self-Portrait especially.