Saturday, June 6, 2009

They Did It!

Three weeks and 300 miles later, Rees Hughes and Taylor Smith completed their goal yesterday of walking a segment of the Pacific Crest Trail from Idyllwild through Big Bear to Agua Dolce, California. They celebrated with showers (having had only one in route), clean clothes, pizza and ice cream. And by the time Joe and I arrived in Agua Dolce to pick them up, it was early evening and so we all ate more good food at Maria Bonita's Mexican Restaurant before heading back to our house. Today, they transition to normal life: Taylor flies home to the midwest and Rees drives home to northern California.

Evidence of the challenging course: worn out walking shoes. On the trail, Rees and Taylor met other PCT hikers, encountered rattlesnacks and more wildlife, discovered remote hot springs, and enjoyed gracious gifts left by Trail "Angels," including a lounge chair and bucket of fresh fruit left in a spot with a beautiful view. Although each was visably thinner after the trip, neither hiker would have missed this amazing experience for anything.

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