Friday, September 4, 2009

Perhaps I Could Have Waited A Bit Longer To Clean Out The Refrigerator

.... but the groceries I got this morning for the long weekend ahead wouldn't fit in! That was only the first clue I'd been remiss. Other clues: some fresh salsa with a use-by date of 7/20 (hopefully 2009), sour cream with a use-by date of 3/8/09. And in the veggie drawer, there were a couple of packages of mushy stuff. OK, maybe more than a couple.

Being attentive to the needs of the refrigerator is not one of my strengths. I have tried to improve, but I keep falling into my old patterns. Sometimes, Joe and I will be having a perfectly pleasant day, and I'll hear him say from the kitchen, "Oh my god!" There is a particular way he says it that I recognize. Its his the-refrigerator-is-so-disgusting-that-I-can't-keep-from-commenting-any-longer tone of voice. I immediately disappear into a far away room. He cleans it out. I am very thankful and life goes on. But, today, I noticed first. And I did the dirty work. It was a certain kind of tribute to Labor Day, I suppose. Hope it is a good one for you, too!

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