Sunday, March 7, 2010

This Week's Swap Finds

Even though quite a few vendors were no shows because of the anticipation of rain, Joe and I had a good time at the swap this weekend. We got there early on Saturday and were heading home by the time the rain began. Here are some of our finds:

Vintage Rubber Stamps: There was a huge box of them! Must have been a couple hundred, all numbers. I held myself back to just these few. They'll be handy in my art making - for use in drawings and monoprints, and as tools to create imagery on hardground coated zinc plates for etchings.

Colorful Straw Birds on Sticks: I think I can photograph these and then play around in photoshop. The resulting images can be used in any of a number of ways - to use as templates for photo-emulsion stencils in screenprinting, or as templates for hand carved wood blocks for stamping. They also might be perfect for experimenting with a process I've just learned about: Screenprint an image onto a zinc plate and before the ink dries, sprinkle on some carborundum grit to make a collagraph plate.

A Pinocchio Bendie: Our artist friend, Kate Savage, created a series of paintings featuring Pinocchio. We'll give this one to her as a present.

An Array of Plastic Bugs: Hmmmm, not sure how to use these... maybe as a display on the mantle above the fireplace. Why not?!

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