Sunday, June 12, 2011

A New Publication About Prints

I am excited to discover a new publication about prints, called Art in Print. It's first issue is free and can be downloaded from their website. After that, access to a PDF version is through subscription which is $50 for six issues a year. Sadly, no printed version is available at this point - it is all online. Probably a great money saving format, of course, but sort of ironic for a publication about prints not to be printed.

Nonetheless, the first issue looks great. Articles include an interesting interview with Deborah Wye, who for thirty-one years until she recently retired, was the Chief Curator of Prints and Illustrated Books at the print collection at the Museum of Modern Art.


  1. You made me think about the meaning of "print" (and, naturally, to look it up). There are lots of meanings that involve a physical action of applying something to a surface, and that is the original meaning of "print" (verb). The result of the action is also a "print" (noun). But there is also a less precise meaning of the verb that means "to publish", and the PDF falls in that category, of course. What's more, it has images of "prints" (noun). Kind of an Alice in Wonderland - hall of mirrors deal. You're right, though, it does lose something getting there.

  2. Cathy, You've once again earned my admiration and your title as this blog's Official Honorary Researcher. Thanks!