Friday, July 1, 2011

Tornado Aftermath, Six Weeks Later

I've just returned from a visit to the midwest. Happy to see my parents doing well; good to catch up with family.

I was in tiny, wonderful Oswego, Kansas last week. Oswego is fifty miles away from Joplin, Missouri. You may recall all the news reports when a tornado ravaged that town six weeks ago. We drove over to Joplin one day to see the damage. It is almost unimaginable: a wide area of neighborhoods totally flattened; a huge hospital destroyed; commercial areas wiped out; miles of leafy, mature trees gone. Even now, despite massive clean up efforts, an eery pall prevails. Here are some pictures of what used to be a thriving community.


  1. Did you find, as I did, that even pictures don't convey the full impact of being there?

    Your pictures are strong, however.

  2. Yes, Cathy, you are right. There is no way to show how it was to stand there and see nothing but devastation in all directions.