Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Quick Trip

A couple of weeks after Mom died, Joe suggested we fly to Portland for a long weekend as a sadness antidote. What a great idea!

We arrived mid day on Thursday, so we headed to Paragon's in the Pearl District for lunch. Here is Joe looking out the window while we wait for our meals. (I have to get his picture on the sly because he doesn't really like to pose.)
All weekend, the weather was cool, dry, breezy fall perfection. Since Portland has a lot of trees, colorful leaves graced the sidewalks everywhere.
Occupy Portland marched around the town one afternoon. Their camp was in a park just around the corner from our hotel. They invited all the homeless people to join them in the park. Even without the homeless people, Occupy is a huge group in Portland, many more than just this guy in my picture.

The Portland Art Museum had great shows. This is a detail of Chris Burden's Boatsa group of five or so in the main lobby.

Another show was taken from the Museum's huge collection of Japanese woodblock prints. It was an extensive, gorgeous show including both traditional and non-traditional subject matter and styles by historial and contemporary artists. This is another surreptitious shot of Joe.

In another nearby park, a large chess set is always in use. This father and son were having a good time playing. A crowd watched them for quite some time.
We had another meal at Pastini's in downtown Portland. My salad was delicious and I've now duplicated it at home: greens, white beans, tuna, thinly sliced red pepper, red onions and celery, capers, garlic, lemon and a red vinegar dressing. Yummm!

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  1. What a wonderful trip! (Tee hee, I take pictures of leaves on the sidewalk, too. I love, love, love the color contrast.)