Friday, December 30, 2011


I'm back from Arkansas where we held a Memorial for Mom on the 27th in Hot Springs. Her wishes were to have the extended family and close friends gather informally to celebrate her life. That was exactly what we did and she would have loved it. One of her friends, Kay, who couldn't attend, wrote something to be read which I'll repeat here:

"I think the conversation that will forever stay with me and sums up the wonderful attitude Marian had about life and people was when she told me she knew her time was getting shorter and she just wanted me to remember she's had a wonderful, wonderful life and to remember she loved me! That was Marian."

Yes, that was my Mom.

After the Memorial, all the relatives (except for Bob, who was happy to have quiet time at home) went to Garvin Woodland Gardens to see the extraordinary light display. We had such a good time! I love each and every one of these terrific people and am so grateful to have had them all there.

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