Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bixby Travel Log

Today, I'll take you along on my early morning walk. A three mile round trip, we'll head northwest through the neighborhood on our way to the slowly revitalizing business district along Atlantic Avenue, then loop around to the south on the way back.

 We have a lot of beautiful tall trees in our neighborhood.

 A common sight in SoCal: an elementary school with an outdoor cafeteria.

 Chalk art drawn by a bidding abstractionist!

Pet snake, anyone?

 Don't tell others, but I've met Rick Wicked and he is a nice guy.


E.J. Malloy's Bar and Grill, a popular neighborhood hangout, hosts a trivia tournament on Tuesdays. The bookstore next door has a CLOSED sign with a second line: "Time for Reading."

 We are lucky to have had Alsace Lorraine French Bakery in our neighborhood for years.

 One of each, please.

 A gorgeous bed of spring beauties. Thank you, unknown gardener.

 Our local ARCO: four fifteen a gallon today.

 A large, empty furniture store has become an art gallery with regular shows and classes.

 And, I see, there is a craft market coming up.

One doesn't encounter too many of these in SoCal; Elise's offers a formal English tea with crumpets.

 A new letterpress business has moved into the neighborhood. Looks good!

 I've always loved this house on a corner.

 Recently, this yard was transformed with a native plant focus.

 Natives are popping up everywhere.

 Here, too.

 We are coming up on a yard sale in progress. Too bad I don't have any cash with me.

Hello, handsome! Meow to you, too!


  1. I'm familiar with most of these places. I've always wondered about Rick Wicked's. It's good to know that he's a nice guy. Happy walking :-)

  2. Thanks, Valerie! Do you walk, too?

  3. Love this! I mostly take tree and flower pictures when I'm out walking in the neighborhood. (I bet you'd love the artichoke plant.)

  4. Yes, Cathy, I love artichoke plants! Those gorgeous purple flowers...