Friday, June 15, 2012

The Return of Ms. Chickie

I've been cleaning and organizing my studio in preparation for new projects and in a flat file drawer, I found an old friend! Meet Ms. Chickie, a linoleum cut print I made a few years ago to demonstrate what can be done with chine-colle, the process of adding extra pieces of paper during the printing process for visual effect.

Here is Ms. Chickie au naturel, printed with black ink on white paper.

Here is Ms. Chickie dressed in her finest.

To create this version, I cut a shape to match her body from patterned brown and gold rice paper, added paste to the back of it and put it glue side up on top of the inked linoleum block on the press bed. After carefully registering the white paper on top, I ran it all through the press. The printing process transfers the ink from the plate to the paper and seals the cut-out in place at the same time. This process is called chine-colle, a French term.

Here is Ms. Chickie dressed in her finest and out on the town.

This lino print includes a second chine-colle piece along the bottom. Also, before inking the block, I cut away quite a few of Ms. Chickie's feathers so the nice design of the added paper is more visible. 

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