Tuesday, July 16, 2013

PAM's Artist & Book Exhibition

On our recent trip to Portland, Oregon, we saw the Artist & Book show at the Portland Art Museum. To see in the real so many works I love was a thrill. Several original screenprints comprising Joseph Albers' book of color studies, Formulation: Articulation, were there, as well as the seven woodcuts by Martin Puryear that accompany a new edition of Jean Toomer's 1922 novel, Cane

a screenprint from Joseph Albers' Formulation: Articulation

a woodcut by Martin Puryear

a woodcut by Martin Puryear
a woodcut by Martin Puryear

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  1. I have heard and seen Joseph's color studies but back then I had not been familiar with the color due to my inborn lack of color sense. After vigorous studies of color, I slightly began to understand color.. As I examined the colored work above by him, I understand his intention in creating depth using few colors that some what related to each other. He had deep understanding in using the colors. I should study more about his studies of color. Thank you for reminding me this although you have not expected me to think this! =)