Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thank You, Seven Plus Artists!

I had a wonderful time in northern California last week with ten members of the Seven Plus artist group: (from left to right, starting with back row) Tina Rousselot, Patricia Sennott, Marie Kelleher-Roy, Lorraine Miller-Wolf (front row, left), Kathleen Zeppegno, Lori Goodman, Barbara Dolan-Wilkinson, Amy Uyeki (holding our collaborative piece), Nancy Head, and Claire Iris Schencke. I'm in yellow behind the table. The photograph was taken by Lorraine Miller-Wolf.

The two day workshop took place in a renovated barn on Nancy's beautiful rural acreage outside Fortuna. This picture shows the scenic surroundings in early morning sun. Nancy's home and separate studio building are nearby. Unfortunately, my camera battery died after this shot, or I'd have more pictures to show of this perfect site.

Transfer drawing was the focus of the first day and working with wet paper the focus of the second day. Lorraine Miller-Wolf took many pictures of the workshop in progress:

Tina Rousselot and Barbara Dolan-Wilkinson

Patricia Sennott

The tabletop during a transfer drawing demo

Kathleen Zeppegno

Amy Uyeki and Marie Kelleher-Roy

Claire Iris Schencke and Tina Rousselot

Marie Kelleher-Roy With Sunflowers

Additional pictures and three of her impressive transfer drawings can be seen on Claire Iris Schencke's blog,

Spending time with the Seven Plus artists was a highlight of my summer!

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  1. I don't even know these people and I love this post!