Sunday, August 2, 2009

Workshop for the Seven Plus artist group

I'm preparing these days for the workshop I'm giving soon to the Seven Plus artist group in northern California. This is a group of professional artists based in and around Arcata. I'll do a two day workshop. Day One will be focused on Transfer Drawing techniques. Day Two: Working With Wet Paper. I love these techniques and am working hard to organize the presentation and demos so that these artists will love them, too.

The Seven Plus artists (ten, actually) represent many media: painting, sculpture, printmaking, fiber, watercolor, wood, and stone. (I may have missed something.) Studying their websites to prepare for the workshop, I'm very impressed. AND, I will be thrilled to spend two days with like-minded people. What a pleasure this will be.

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  1. Dear Annie, thank you for the preparations. We are all very exited about having you up here. Iris