Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here, There, and Everywhere

Joe and I are back from Arkansas after a good weekend with my parents. There, it was gorgeous fall weather, cool and breezy. Here, it is a sweltering 95 degrees today. There, the hotly contested "wet vs. dry" issue was on the ballot to determine whether alcohol could be sold in Clark County (it passed). Here, it was whether marijuana should be legal in California (it didn't pass). Here, republican Meg Whitman's personal contribution of $140 million wasn't enough to win her the governorship; there, democratic incumbant senator Blanche Lincoln lost heartily to a tea party candidate. 

Today, I'm organizing the upcoming photo etching demo for my intaglio class and trying to catch up for my screenprinting class. 

The juvenile possum still lives in our house. He successfully evades the newly purchased trap, strategically placed where Sophie's food dish once was.

Tonight's another night... tomorrow is another day.

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