Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dramatic Views Between Rain Storms

I snuck in a brisk walk this morning between heavy rainstorms in SoCal. Lots of other hill walkers had the same idea, but I didn't run into my pals Richard and Maria Harris. I think they usually go a bit later.

The air was cool, fresh and spring-like; the clouds were dancing:

 Looking up toward the top of Signal Hill from the midway point below

Looking from the top of Signal Hill toward the ocean, port, and downtown Long Beach


  1. "Dancing clouds," nice image. For us, the morning is time for reading and meditations; our walks come later. But we'll meet up again in the morning one of these days... continue to enjoy your posts---RCH

  2. I am working on a theory of photography that posits (he he): The photographer's challenge is how to get the viewer to ruminate over a the work, as one does over a hand-crafted painting, print or sculpture.

    To be sure, there is the unexpected juxtaposition and subject matter that can get the viewer's immediate attention, "... create the instantaneous illusion of being there, which packs the wallop of a shock; but your relationship to painted images is slow, ruminative and not prurient," says LA Times art critic Christopher Knight, in his LA Times article of January 28, 2011, that you may have read.

    To make things even more difficult for the serious photographer, the photograph is everywhere, and "snappable" shots are available to us all; frozen moments are only a point-and-shoot away. Who wants to ruminate over a another photograph?

    Your post confirms my theory that an answer to this photographer's dilemma lies in other media, for example, writing (the serial presentation of the word) in conjunction with the photo. It was your use of the words "dancing clouds" that encouraged me to ruminate over your photos. Thanks a lot.

  3. Yes, Richard, I think you've articulated the issues of photography well. As for me, I enjoy "snappable" shots as a form of personal diary. Ten years from now, I hope to enjoy lots of memories of this period of my life triggered by these blog posts.

    I think an interesting time in history must have been the time just before photography was invented through the early stages of the medium. What an amazing period of creativity and new ideas, new ways of thinking!

  4. Yes, the photo as diary, very good idea. Had you seen the Knight article? on Daniel Haymen... fascinating. And I'm reading a biography of Tina Modotti, lover and artistic partner of Edward Weston, right now.

    BTW, next month I'll be attending photo workshops on the use of the medium for storytelling, in East LA, and in Spanish, to boot. I'll keep you posted on what I learn. Cheerio,