Monday, February 7, 2011

He Meant It As A Compliment So I'll Take It That Way

I was doing my regular walk on Signal Hill the other day, when on a long downhill slope I crossed paths with three teenage boys.  They were doing a complicated, fast paced two step run up the hill. I yelled, "Wow! You are very impressive!" One of them replied, "Thanks! But I think YOU are impressive, walking at your age!"


  1. :-D, Teenagers, gotta love em. That's why I loved my high school teaching job. Keep's you on your toes and every day is a new opportunity for them to "burn someone." Very witty, some of them.

  2. Cute. They must not get out much. I regularly see people much older than you and me swimming, hiking, and running. (I don't run.)

    I like your attitude aboutit.