Friday, September 2, 2011

Sock Monkey Portraits

August was a very busy month of travel, syllabi preparation, and the beginning of the new semester on August 15th. But I still got in some great studio time and have a number of projects going. I've put those projects on hold for a bit, however, to do linoleum cuts. Some of my students are making linocuts and they've reminded me what a great printmaking process it is. Linocuts can produce prints with rich, strong graphic appeal and they can make an image with a profusion of patterning really sing.

I'm making a series of Sock Monkey Portraits, inspired by the collection of Ron Warren, photographed by Arne Svenson in a book published by Ideal World Books. I've been a sock monkey fan forever and their book is a favorite of mine. I'd been hoping to incorporate the spirit of this wonderful book in some sort of studio project and now I've found the way. Creating these portraits is darn fun.

In the photo above, I've just pulled a proof of "Buddy." Next, I'll let the proof instruct me on where to clarify or correct the image with more cuts on the lino plate.  The final prints will be black on white paper and I'll probably add some watercolor to enhance the image.


  1. From one sock monkey fan to another, I love the print!

  2. Thanks, Valerie! Yes, gotta love sock monkeys. More in my blog about them soon...

  3. Fun (and lots of possibilities with the use of patterns). This one looks fierce.