Friday, February 24, 2012

Going Native

Yay! I found my camera!

More and more homes in our neighborhood are replacing grass lawns with California native gardens. This means killing the grass, which takes a few weeks, culling the surface dirt for leftover weeds, and then planting native ground cover and plants, perhaps adding mulch and stone. A beautiful look when done well and no more need for frequent watering.

This is my favorite native lawn in our neighborhood, a few blocks from our house. It is much more gorgeous than it looks in the picture; I couldn't do it justice. Rich with blossoms of seasonal California poppies in reds and oranges, succulents, and other native plants, it fits right in to our desert climate.

 A closer view...

The new native garden complements the beautiful tile in the steps.

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  1. On my list for the front yard. Our backyard is already 95% native, and some of our front is, but we still have regular grass. Thanks for posting!