Friday, March 23, 2012

Stormy Weather

We just returned from a spring break in Portland and the Oregon coast. It was a week of terrific R&R amid a full weather spectrum: rain, more rain, wind, more wind, sleet, hale and even snow! Fabulous.

We spent the first and last few days of the week in Portland. Here we are at Pioneer Square, waiting in a drizzle for the Max.

I love this head on display at the Portland Art Museum.

And then we saw more heads painted on a construction site safety wall in a downtown street. Art everywhere!

On our drive over the mountains to Cannon Beach, it started to rain...

Then near the summit, it started to snow...

But then we saw light at the end of the tunnel (ha ha). 

Here is where we stayed in Cannon Beach - the second floor window on the right was ours. When we weren't out getting drenched, we lounged inside by the fireplace  and watched the weather drama through the window.

We had a perfect table by the window at a local restaurant...

...and the fire was blazing by us.

I spent several afternoons at this table, cutting a variety of linoleum blocks I'll use in an art project I've been working out in my head.

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