Thursday, August 8, 2013

Screenprinting Adventure

Last weekend, I screenprinted eight layers of a trial print for the first in the My Garden series. Doing a trial version lets me evaluate color choices, the effectiveness of transparent inks, and how the whole idea is shaping up. At this point, I can make adjustments and begin again or continue with what I've got. Eventually, there will be more detail and structure in the leaves and a semi-abstract night sky for the background. At least, that's the plan at this point, but half the fun is taking time to think through all possibilities. Making art is an adventure.

Here are the first eight layers of My Garden, #1 (trial) in sequence:


  1. I totally agree on that creating art is adventure. Although it takes quite of time and energy it is an enjoyable traveling so to speak. hehe At the point, It's FUN.

  2. Oh I almost forgot to mention one crucial thing. In addition, I think making art makes me to think and contemplate... I mean there is certain artistic principles that even skilled artist must follow like composition, color and so on. And I believe these philosophical and humanistic elements of the Art are the criteria that distinguish artists from normal people.