Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Trails! Have a Good Summer!

The evening printmaking class met tonight for our last session and final critique. Here is the group, including students from the screenprinting section and the intaglio (etching) section.

Our classroom wall was plastered with screenprints and etchings, the focus of our critique. Overall, the art presented reflected a wide range of interests, techniques, subject matter, skill levels and outcomes.

The evening printmaking class is a special class: so many of the students are there simply because of a personal motivation toward art and toward printmaking. They pursue individual paths within a supportive group setting. They know that not many people in the world know how to do what they do; they find challenge, pleasure, and reward in their artistry. It is a special class.


  1. If I lived in the area, Annie, I would join your class. I enjoyed the little bit of printmaking I did, basic printmaking & silk screening. Your class would be just the push I need to get me back into it.