Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summertime, And The Livin' Is Easy

It's one of those perfect, sunshiny SoCal weather days again. Late morning, I sauntered down to our neighborhood farmer's market, in the junior high school parking lot, to find everything in full spring. Lots of fabulous goodies to choose from, so I picked up arugula, spinach and snow peas for salads this week, irresistible strawberries (Joe really likes them), three huge asian pears (have you tried them with blue cheese? yum!) wheat bread from a popular local bakery and tamales for dinner tonight. Also ran into some friends/neighbors:

Cynthia Evans was on her way home with celery, spinach,
asian pears and a tamale for Doug.

Jerry and Caryn Baumgartner had just arrived
when I took this picture. I see they've brought
their own bag - a big one, too!

Sadly, this may be the last week for Asian pears, soon out of season.

Great looking squash and carrots. See the brussels sprouts in the back?
I picked up a bunch of those for Joe, too, to use as a threat, haha.

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