Saturday, May 8, 2010

More 6"x 6" Mixed Media Collages

I've been making more collages, having posted pics of the first few earlier.

Here are a number of them, so you can see how they are presented. They are attached to claybord panels with 2" depth which I painted black. I like that the collages can be hung on the wall or can sit on a tabletop. The imagery among the 18 collages differ greatly because many elements are pulled from past work that I considered unsuccessful (and never exhibited) but had appealing portions. Now, the appealing portions are coming to life in these collages. The series is a history of my art life, in a way.

Here are seven up close. Each has one or more of the following elements: intaglio, screenprinting, painting, drawing, pastel, pencil, ink, chin colle, paper, fabric. The quality of the pictures is a little rough because I took them myself with my simple camera in less than optimum light.


  1. Like - very much. I also like that you have kept pieces that weren't successful because of a part that was.