Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hiroshige and Friends

From left: Tari Brand, Kate Savage, Siobhan McClure, me.

I met my Slamb Sisters today at the Norton Simon Museum of Art in Pasadena. First we had lunch at the cafe so that we could chat and catch up with each others' lives. We've been good friends for eighteen years.

Next we visited an exhibition of Hiroshige woodcut prints currently on view at the Museum. Four rooms as tightly packed with framed woodcuts as the two walls above! Hiroshige was prolific!

Here are two prints in closer view. Visually descriptive of Japanese life during the Edo period, these small prints are full of color and amazingly precise detail.

At the Norton Simon Museum, each visitor receives a souvenir at the door when leaving. Today's was a beautifully produced photograph of a sculpture from the Museum's collection, Buddha Shakyamuni.

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  1. What a great afternoon! The quality and quantity of prints was breathtaking, not to mention the number of years we have been friends.