Friday, June 11, 2010

Report From Kansas

We are all having a good time in South East Kansas. Here was our day yesterday:

A visit to beautiful downtown Oswego, population about 2000, for "Pie Day" at the bakery. On Thursdays, if you show up at noon, you can order a slice of the fresh out-of-the-oven pie. It was peach pie this week, with ice cream, and it was delicious. Twenty people were there for Pie Day; several had known each other since grade school days.

Next up: The new Oswego Farmer's Market. It is small because it is new, but it is growing quickly. Several Amish families ride an hour in their buggies to sell flowers, garden goods, and homemade breads. Another woman sells casseroles; I bought one of her lasagnas, which we'll have for dinner one day soon.

This is Art. He sells produce from his huge garden and cutting boards made by hand in his workshop. Art makes caskets, too, if you want to know. They are said to be the best around. (He doesn't sell caskets at the Farmer's Market.)

The huge community pool at the park clears out, mostly, by late afternoon, so my cousin, Karyn Carpenter, and I stopped by to do our laps. Karyn grew up in Oswego and was a lifeguard at the pool when she was in high school. I used to swim there when I was a kid, too.

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  1. It has been fun having you in Kansas to do all the exciting things - like swim, eat pie and heading out into the country in search of the Amish store!