Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm Home From Kansas

I'd forgotten how beautiful Kansas is in early summer. A lush landscape of rolling hills covered in rich green grasses, flowering trees and wildflowers. And then, beginning at dusk, the sparkling light of millions of fireflies.

On Monday, I left Oswego in my rental car to drive south to the airport in Tulsa for my flight home. It was a two hour stint and heavy rain fell the entire time. That was value added, as far as I was concerned. Somehow, rain gives an added depth to all that color.

From Oswego, I took Highway 59 through Chetopa and across the state line into Oklahoma. Then through Welch, Pyramid Corners and Vinita, where I turned onto Route 66. Yes, the Historic Route 66. It took me through White Oak, Chelsea, Bushyhead, Foyil, Sequoyah and Claremore. Outside Claremore, I turned onto Route 266 which headed straight toward the airport.

Along the way I saw longhorn cattle, buffalo, llamas, donkeys, horses with new colts, chickens, pigs, barbed wire fences, white picket fences, old hand built stone fences, corn fields, wheat fields, soy bean fields, large vegetable gardens, many clumps of wild orange lillies, tall grasses, and short grasses. Most of the time, I was in sight of another car or two on the road. Sometimes not.

The drive was a special interlude between there and here.


  1. Did you see round bales of hay with hawks sitting on top? And cows standing in ponds?

    What a great route. And I had the same reaction to the summer beauty there.

  2. I saw lots of round bales of hay but don't think I saw hawks sitting on top. No cows standing in ponds, but sorry to miss that!