Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Excellent Hand Printers Blog

I've just happened onto artist Roxanne Sexauer's inspiring blog, Hand Printers. This weekend's post is about her current woodcut in progress, how the image was applied to the large block and the various ways she is thinking about printing it. Scrolling back to previous posts brings lots of other interesting discussions that would interest any artist or appreciator involved in the print world.

Roxanne is the chair of the printmaking department at CSULB and I have much to thank her for: she taught my first printmaking class!


  1. Annie - Thanks for the swell plug of my blog! I've been following yrs. for a while (I'm sort of a blog lurker). I had to hand the reins of the CSULB Printmaking Dept. over to Kimiko. After the 6 eye surgeries, it became a bit too much for me.
    Those beautiful tablecloths from the City College/Vets stadium look most worthy of investigation. It's been so long since I've been over there. Hope that the indomitable K. Gross is doing well after that hip replacement surgery - please pass along my best wishes. Also good to know what happened to Dean & Tari - looks like heaven on earth - no wait...that's Southern Cali. RS