Saturday, July 24, 2010

Murder on a Saturday Morning

I'm doing cat feeding duty for out-of-town friends this week and I stop by early each day. Today, I walk over. It is normally twenty minutes from our house to theirs, but this morning is different.

This sign catches my attention, so I decide to investigate. You never know what you might find...

Seems promising...

Look at this nice table with chairs! The whole set is only $35. A deal! But I resist.

Wow... another garage sale. I peer down the block and see it way down at the other end, so I maintain course.

Yet another sign. Man, the economy is moving today!

I continue to our friends' house, unlock the door and walk inside. Oh no! Mayhem! Bird feathers everywhere!

Feathers in the dining room...

Feathers in the living room...

I look around for the two cats, Gertrude and Ivan. I don't see them; they must be hiding. I walk into the kitchen to assemble their food trays. I make a lot of clatter. Sure enough, Gertrude wanders in. She's all wide-eyed innocence. Ivan sneaks around the corner. He won't look at me.

But I see the truth of it all and it ain't pretty.


  1. What a great story! A classic! You should find a way to support your art by selling your writing talent. This story alone would entertain children for years to come - if presented, of course, with more kid-like objects of interest in the moving sales. . . Pam

  2. were'nt bird sitting too were you?!

  3. That's an idea, Pam... And I'll give it some thought. Thanks!

    Fortunately (for me at least) the bird was a wild one caught in a moment of lethargy and brought in through the cat door. A lesson for all of us...

  4. poor bird! Our dog, Oli, has committed similar, ghastly killings and it's horrendous. I'm glad you just found feathers!