Friday, July 30, 2010

Street Art

While I'm reading Josef Albers's color studies, I'm especially aware of the influence of color everywhere. Here are some examples from a recent walk:

Road crew markings. I suspect the color choices signify technical specifications, but it is fun to think the guy with the spray cans has been reading Albers, too.

I love the contrast of the hot pinks against the strong, neutral grays.

Lovely. Now, how can I mix this exact shade of vibrant blue?

Earth tones, naturally.

So many shades of gray! And that nice hot pink again for eye catching contrast. Just a little bit does the trick.


  1. I like your street art observations. "Road crew art," is rather systematically rendered by the Underground Services Alert (USA) process. You'll like their site's presentation

    I reference it in my "Our Boys in Orange" post to Signal Hill Voices

    I'm enjoying your blog very much

  2. Blue is for water, yellow electrical. Albers probably selected the colors.

  3. Good research, Richard. Or if it was not Albers, it was someone who had a good knowledge of color theory. Such a good example of how visual literacy can be put to use in many fields.