Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Family Update

Vintage Postcards from
Historical Hot Springs, Arkansas

My Mother's progress since the pacemaker was installed has been up and down. The pacemaker seems to be doing its job, but other factors related to her weak heart are out of balance. I'm writing from Arkansas now, having flown in on Tuesday unexpectedly to do what I can. The good news is that she has a great new doctor here in my parents' new home city who understands issues related to an aging heart and, as he adjusts her medicines, Mom seems to be responding well.

My cousin, Karyn, arrived here the day after Mom's pacemaker implant last week. For six months, Karyn has been exploring North America with her camera and Newfoundland dog. Her free form itinerary included a visit to Arkansas after a swing through the south and her timing was perfect. Her help here has been immeasurable. She has stayed on for a couple of days to overlap my visit, and it is great to spend time with her.

My stepfather has improved enough to come home from rehab (for his broken neck from a fall) for good next week, in time to celebrate the Christmas holidays. His return will perk up my Mother, as will my brother and family, coming soon, too. Joe, unfortunately, will be holding down the fort in SoCal. I miss him.

Aging gracefully is not an easy process. I've learned a lot from my parents' recent challenges and my admiration for good care givers is unbounding. They are special people whose skills and generousities of spirit significantly change people's lives for the better.

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  1. Cherish you visit, Ann. How wonderful to see your cousin as well as welcoming Bob home and cheering your Mom. A family time you'll always remember.