Friday, December 10, 2010

Lynd Ward's Graphic Novels

In the 1930's, artist Lynd Ward created six graphic novels in woodcuts, beautifully rendered in black and white, no text. These novels are now available in a gorgeous packaged set from Amazon for about $45. You can also buy paperbacks of single Lynd Ward graphic novels more cheaply there. Gorgeous work. Here are a couple more examples I've found from Google Images:


  1. Hi Annie, Early graphic novels; whodda thunk it. These woodcuts by Ward are marvelous. We have graphic novelists in our family; you met the parents of Josh Finney on the Signal Hill trail. You might want to take a look; Josh, and his wife Kat have created a new look--a mixture of computer graphics and hand drawing. You might be interested. Its called "Titanium Rain":;

    And it looks like Josh and Kat will now be getting for Christmas an early rendition of their own craft. Thanks a lot

  2. Richard,
    Just checked out Titanium Rain - very impressive! Thanks for telling me about Josh and Kat, a very talented duo.

  3. That is terrific, Richard! Sure to please...