Sunday, January 9, 2011

The International Printing Museum

I'd heard from many enthusiastic people about the International Printing Museum in Torrance but hadn't yet made a trip of my own.  Yesterday, I did. What an impressive place!

Located in an industrial park, there is plenty of room for all the vintage presses and cases of typeface. 
Many of the presses, no longer produced, are still in good running order.

This is an old fashioned newspaper printing press.

This operator is typing on an old linotype machine which sets rows of type.

Here, the crowd is watching the press operator print on a letterpress.

The International Printing Museum is open on Saturdays from 10 to 4. Tours are given to guests and you can also nose around on your own. There are many, many fascinating things to see. 

Last fall, the new Book Arts Institute moved in to one of the building on site. The Institute sponsors many excellent montly programs on printing, bookbinding, papermaking, and more. Yesterday's program was a collagraph demonstration by artist Sandy Cvar.


  1. Very nice post. (In general, your reliance upon the photo over words seems appropriate for this medium, and a good model for me.) I have often wanted to visit this museum, too, after having seen Huell Howser's show on it. May I suggest chapter 3--"Typographic America"-- of Neil Postman's book, "Amusing Ourselves to Death," as a good, brief review of the subject. (Can't seem to get away from words!) -- RCH

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation, Richard. I just now requested it from the library... can't wait!

  3. Chapter three is an equally provocative "Typographic Mind."