Saturday, January 8, 2011

One Final Plug for Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs is named for the natural springs of the area. These springs inspired Bath House Row, built in the early 1900's, which provided bathing areas, massages, and other health related services to many, including the most popular movie stars of the era who flew in for vacations. Beautifully renovated today, Bath House Row is a wonderful place to visit in Hot Springs.

While in Arkansas for the holidays, we visited Buckstaff Bath House for two hours of warm, natural springs soaking, steaming, and massages. Buckstaff is one of the few remaining active Baths; the other historic buildings along the avenue are museums, hotels, and more modern spas. In operation without break since 1910, Buckstaff still has it's original plumbing, tubs, and elegant marble floors and walls. It is a beautifully maintained piece of history.

And.... we got "TV Parking!" (A term applied to that uncanny ability of all characters in TV shows and movies to always find parking spots in front of their destinations.)


  1. And what is the "Ozark" building? Beautiful pictures!

    I kind of remember going to Eureka Springs as a kid (no spa involved, though), but I don't think we ever went to Hot Springs.

  2. If I remember correctly, the Ozark building is a museum now. Behind Bathhouse Row, there is also the Hot Springs Mountain with a Tower on the top from which there are beautiful views. Such a nice area to visit.