Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Swapmeet Roundup

Joe's been having a good time at the swap these last couple of weekends. Here are a few of the goodies he's brought home:

 A series of ARTFORUM magazines from the 1980's. What fun to review some recent art history!

 A pair of cast iron crowned frogs. These guys look like they think they rule the world.

 An old, graciously shaped teapot

A stunning traditional still life painting. No wonder flowers are a favorite subject matter.


  1. Those frogs are just amazing! I wonder what the story is there. (Not knowing what the teapot is made of...I wondered if it was an oil can or watering can.)

  2. And my word verification for the previous post was "hatrope". Sounds like another flea market find.

  3. Yes, Cathy, you must be right that it is an oil can or watering can, not a teapot. I wasn't paying attention to the spout when I identified it. The surface is covered with a tar-like substance in which someone has incised some really great texture.