Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Influence

Six by Six: Meditations (34)

So, tonight I was finishing the screenprinting class demo for Project Four. It involves creating a print with four or more layers of color printed in order from the lightest color to darkest color.

I wanted to emphasize that we screenprinters have a tendency to use black as the final color in that kind of situation but that often another color might be better. I showed an example in which the final color was a vibrant blue and said, "I think this print seems much livelier with blue than it would have with black. So, my point is that it is always best to consider the possibilities rather than simply using black as the default color." Several students nodded their heads and a few even seemed to have an "aha!" expression on their faces. I felt pretty good.

After the students left, I went around the room to pick up a few stray papers before leaving, too. One of the papers caught my eye. It was a sheet with a lot of doodles and some notes. The last note was written in large heavy letters which I repeat here: "NEVER USE BLACK."

So, there is my influence.

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