Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Little Nature Lesson

On Saturday, I worked in the studio all day with encaustic (wax). It was a lovely warm day so I left the door open to let the breeze in. After a while, I noticed a few bees had joined me. I've never had an insect problem before when I've left the door open, so the fact that these bees seemed so insistent on hanging around seemed unusual. Oh well. They weren't actually swarming around my head so I went on with my work.

Same thing happened on Monday, but there were quite a few more bees than before. Finally, I thought, there is an answer to the mysterious bee disappearance problem in the US: They are all HERE.

Then I realized what was going on. The bees were attracted by the smell of the melting bees wax I was using for my encaustic work! My studio was like home to them!

My little nature lesson.

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