Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Spring and Happy Break!

There is an advantage to working for two community colleges following separate semester schedules: two spring breaks!  I'm embarking on Number Two this week. Those hours I'd normally be teaching at LBCC I'll spend in the studio. I hope to finish the Memory Series, continue working on the lino blocks I began cutting in Oregon a few weeks ago, figure out the next image for the Choppers series and a variety of other creative things that might pop up along the way. It's a long list. We'll see how things go. I'd be happy, actually, simply to finish the Memory Series, since I'm working with the leaves of potted poinsettia plants purchased during the Christmas holidays. They won't last forever! And I'm lucky they've lasted this long.

Here is one poinsettia leaf, beginning to show it's age. Actually, the aging leaves are the ones that work best for this series. But crispy dead ones don't work at all, so I'd better get a move on.

The Journey Home
by Olaf Olafsson

I'll spend some evening hours reading, too. Right now, its a book by Olaf Olafsson. He is such a good writer! Having recently finished Restoration, I'll keep going until I've read everything he has written... three or four novels and a compilation of short stories.

by Olaf Olafsson

Happy spring break, everyone, whether you get to break or not. I'll keep in touch.

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