Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Fun Little Project

During lulls in my "big art" schedule in the studio these days, I've been making journals from vintage book covers, filling them with pages made from printmaking paper scraps and portions of old prints. Here, I'm embellishing a few of the blank pages for one book with a little trim along the top.

I cut the flower motif from soft erasure block. Above, I've just inked and printed the block (which you can see in two pieces in the middle of the shot) onto one of the loose book pages.

The printed sheets mimic the top portion of the wall paper in the background of the print, seen here, which will serve as the title page. The just-printed pages will be chapter headings with blank sheets in between. The book can be used for a journal, sketchbook, to keep a history of projects in progress, or anything.

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