Friday, July 27, 2012

With Pockets for Everything, Even a Marigold

I received a wonderful present from my friend and neighbor, Carol, who I met last semester when she took my screenprinting class. We discovered a few months into it that we live just three blocks apart. Along with being one of the best students, Carol was one of the most stylish, always wearing a gorgeous apron. Turns out she made it, herself, in about an hour. She's a world class seamstress who has been at it for years.

Carol has stopped by my studio a few times this summer to chat and share progress reports on the screenprinting she's been doing at home since school's been out. Yesterday she stopped by with a present: a beautiful handmade apron with FIVE pockets! She insists it is to be worn, not framed. Well... ok, Carol. I will. But it'll take a while to get comfortable with getting this work of art dirty. Today I'm wearing it with another apron on top.

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