Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hello Again

Hi! I've been out of touch here. It has been a busy few weeks due to a very active work schedule (my part time community college counseling "day job") and my desire to rush into the studio the moment I get home. 

I'm working on a slew of art projects concurrently and taking pictures as I go. An exciting time and I'll report on all that soon.

But let me play catch up with Joe's swap finds, which have been interesting and numerous over the past few weeks. I do think his good eye, creative instincts, and eclectic sensibilities are at their best as he digs down into big boxes of grimy junk at the swapmeets held weekly all over SoCal.

A twelve inch square ceramic tile, vibrant in color and detail. It's beautiful.

A collection of vintage rubber stamp letters for me! I've got many, but can never have enough.

And a whole box of fresh oil pastels. Oh boy!

A graceful Japanese wooden box. It was used as a type of purse, with fasteners for the strap on each end. I know it has a name; maybe my friend, Toshio, will read this and enlighten me....

A space alien. Joe has a collection of identical space aliens in a variety of sizes. He is very enthusiastic about it; I'm not so appreciative.

A handsome man with a broken arm. Since he is made of wood, we can help him heal.

A gorgeous collage of hand-painted paper on bark attached to cloth. I think it is from India but there are no identifying marks that we can find.

From the same source, a companion piece which is hand painted on what is a cloth-like paper. The detail is intricate and stunning.

A framed serigraph which Sophie likes, too. By Max Hayslette, this one is number 227 of an edition of 375. The Certificate of Authenticity on the back indicates that it was printed with 103 layers of color. Wow! That means the squeegee was pulled 38,625 times to create the entire edition of prints. 

And last, but certainly not least, is this pastel drawing on construction paper by Danny, completed in 1972. We love it!


  1. WOW! He's a good hunter! I'm not so sure about the space alien either :-) It's hard for me to say which of the others is my favorite. Maybe the wooden purse, or Danny's drawing, but I like the serigraph, too.

  2. Thanks, Valerie. I've got some more swap finds to post soon.