Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Saturday Round About

I wish my friend, Pam, and her dog, Kenzie, could have joined me on my neighborhood walk in cool and breezy weather this morning. They've been suffering the midwestern heat spell and their usual walks in the park have been few and far between.

The highlight this morning was an adorable mural painted on an empty storefront window along Atlantic Avenue. I love the exuberance! Here it is, in three parts:

At the end, I noticed these large gorgeous pots in our alley that somebody left for free pick up. Yippee! Right place and right time - they are now ours.


  1. How nice of you to think of Kenzie and me this morning. Alas! We had an old-fashioned downpour this morning and cooler temps. Love the swimsuit. . . .

    Pam (and Kenzie)

  2. Pam, I'm so glad you got some rain at last!