Saturday, August 11, 2012

Marilyn, Here's One for You!

My friend, Marilyn, who lives in Nashville, loves yard sales and zeros in on the best finds. She and her daughters recently participated in the annual Longest Yard Sale near Nashville, which she covered in a recent post on her blog, The blog is terrific and covers a wide range of good topics, from yard sales to politics to gingerbread houses.

So, Marilyn, I thought you'd enjoy Joe's finds from this morning's swap:

Vintage wood spindles of wire... a box of 30 like these.

A cute kitty mug, great for morning coffee.

Two big cow bells. Now we can keep track of Sophie.

Four gorgeous Mexican cooking bowls.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Annie.

    Hey, Annie. Guess what it's me Ian! The Korean guy who always gets your help! I hope you remember me. I'd like to apologize for searching your background without your permission. But my curiosity for your art works kept calling me and googled your name. I'd never thought you'd have your own blog. I'm quite fascinated by your prints, and now I understand your own style of art. I profoundly wish to learn from you and see more of your art works. I hope you be well until I see you on next Tuesday, which is January 22th. See ya!