Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bad Boy, part 2

Here is Fischl's description of how he paints, from page 152 of his autobiography:

"...I start with a large mess and work to refine it into a coherent image.... Along with discovering that I [am] an elbow painter and need to work large in order to get my paintings to flow, I had to accept that I am impatient and need to work quickly."

A couple of pages later, Fischl elaborates: "The creative process remains as baffling and unpredictable to me today as it did when I began my journey over forty years ago... When I'm working well, I'm lost in the moment, painting quickly and intuitively, reacting to forms on the canvas, allowing their meaning to reveal itself to me. In every painting I make I'm looking for some kind of revelation, something I didn't see before. If it surprises me, hopefully it will surprise the viewer too."

Every creative person works differently. I think it is always interesting and instructive to hear how others work. Many, like Fischl, employ a "searching" process, filled with questions, discovery, constant evaluation and shifts in direction during the process.

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