Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Lunch With Sarah

Just got home from having a wonderful time with Sarah Parsons over lunch at Claire's, the restaurant overlooking the ocean at the Long Beach Museum of Art. She and I have done this a few times through the years to catch up on each other's lives, and it is now our very own tradition.


1. How to make slime - mix Elmer's glue and water in equal amounts and then add a tablespoon of Borax mixed into a cup of warm water. You can add paint or food coloring for color; food coloring will stain your hands and paint won't. You can play with it in your hands; you can press it out and cut forms with cookie cutters; you can put it in empty plastic strawberry baskets, hang the baskets from the ceiling and watch the slime seep out through the holes. Then, you can even cut the seeping strands of slime with scissors! (Sarah works with toddlers and they love the stuff.)

2. Where The Wild Things Are, the movie, is terrific.

3. Wolves can be very scary.

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