Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Night At The Symphony

We've got season tickets to the Long Beach Symphony this year with our good friends, Cynthia Evans and Doug Pennington. Last night's performance was the first, featuring Copland's Lincoln Portrait with the great Marilyn Horne narrating (she's a Long Beach native!) followed by Beethoven's Symphony No. 9, featuring a full choir and four soloists. The concert was superb.

There was a post party in the lobby to celebrate the Symphony's 75th season. Quite a festive event with free champaign and cake for everyone! Of course, we all had two glasses in support of the occasion.

Afterward, the crowd spilled out into the night to head home. Fog had rolled in from the ocean and the night air was rich with color and mood.

That festive mood was a special effort for the evening. Like many cities, Long Beach is enduring huge budget problems and cuts have been made across the board, especially to the arts. The Symphony's future is precarious.

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