Saturday, October 24, 2009

Walter Gottfrid Stromquist

This photograph of my grandfather was taken on April 3, 1940. Formally dressed, even when sitting in a field, as befitting his era. He died before I was born, so I really like having this photograph. My brother, Walter Rees Stromquist, sent it. He has been doing a lot of genealogical research of our family.


  1. Do you know where it was taken? I like this very much and understand your fondness for it. -And so Walter your brother is named for both grandfathers. Good move!

  2. Yes - my mother's doing. I'm named after both sides, too: Ann for my father's sister and my middle name, Isabel, after my mother's mother. I'm thankful my mother didn't name me after my father's mother, because I would have been Erma Isabel.

  3. I think it was taken in Kansas, too. Coincidentally, my father's family lived around Lindsburg, Kansas, a swedish settlement.