Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not Like Newfoundland: Fall in So Cal

Fall is an erratic season in Southern California, with temperatures moving up and down weekly and even daily depending on whether we are getting cool, wet ocean breezes or Santa Ana winds blowing hot and fierce from the desert. So, the question of when to start the furnace up for the coming months is difficult to answer. Joe and I try to wait as long as possible. Last year, we made it to the first week in December. This year, we'll try to wait even longer, just to see if we can. No problem today; it is sunny and warm with temperatures in the low 80's. But last week's temps were consistently in the 50's and 60's, and it was often cooler inside than out. On Friday evening, the house was really chilly and, in a weak moment, I plugged the furnace in for a quick blast. But I unplugged it again, so that episode doesn't really count.


  1. We broke down and did it this morning (11/9). If we were all leaving the house, we could have gotten by without it, probably.

  2. That is still very impressive, since you live much farther north.