Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Newly Renovated Studio

Most of my tools and supplies have been unpacked and put away in the beautiful new red cabinets and I'm ready to get back to art work in this wonderful space. It will never be as ink and paint splatter-free as it is now.
My drawing table sits in front of an east-facing window. Good light throughout the day.

Sink area with world's best faucet, ready to go.

This is the clean area where I can tear paper and use the light table sitting on stacked flat files. I won't do any "dirty work" with ink, paint, or watercolor in this area. The white door on the left leads to the small bathroom.

The fireplace provides great heat and ambiance during the cool season. The stacked flat files on the right are covered with a glass surface. This is the area where I do most of my work. Glass is great for rolling out inks and easy clean up.

My etching press, ready to go.

Three well-used aprons hang on the back of the studio door.


  1. Lots of great features, and then when I got to the fireplace - ahhh, that makes it a sanctuary!