Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Modern Technology

I just got back from the Apple store where I had my fourth One-on-One training session. Today's topic: All that iPhoto can do. And !WOW! iPhoto can do a lot. Mario, the techie, and I were working with a CD of photos of my art - organizing them and exploring all the ways they can be presented. As a slideshow, for example. But, not just any ol' slideshow. Each image (or slide) can enter the screen in a dissected disarray of layers before combining to become the cohesive whole. This was mesmerizing to watch and suggested a whole new approach to my art! Then Mario showed me how to change a slideshow into an iMovie, which is even more amazing. It will take some effort and discipline on my part to master all this, but my eyes are wide open now.

Maybe, I'll even start using my cellphone actively and get into texting!


  1. love the pic...i hope i'm one of the first to get a text from you! Tht wld b gr8 & i wld LOL!! Ur awsum!!!

    (when you can translate that, you're ready for texting!!!) ;)

  2. How exciting - now you describe yourself as an artist working on mixed media on paper. Sounds like "on paper" could get dropped as it becomes the base or primary medium.

  3. You are right! Your's is a quick and creative mind.